13 November 2011

NFL week 10 - Bear market

So typical of the footballing Gods to give England a victory just cause I had so conclusively blogged about how they can't win. While we did offer up the caveat of rain for a shock result in England's favour, Spain still absolutely thrashed England and lost 1-0. Silly game.

A less silly game of American football will allow us to stick one in the eye of the footballing Gods today however as the NFL is out of their jurisdiction. We have an interesting game in particular we want to focus on so let's do that now shall we yes?

So then, according to my research the Las Vegas bookies are going 65% 35% on the Lions for this game, yet the handicap is rising in Chicago's favour from -1.5 to -3 (-2.5 in the UK). This tells us of course that Las Vegas wants more money on the Lions.

Why? Why? Well cause Chicago is going to win according to them and who am I to argue with Vegas? My betting expert sausage dog Ralf is telling me the conditions are suited for a Bears win. It's cold and windy. It'll be a game where a field goal may decide the difference and the Lion's kicker is injured. We may see field goal attempts blown miles of course and end up in Pittsburgh. Top quality winter fooootbooowl.

I will also be wagering on the Cowboys and the 49ers - all after the spread - and I was able to include a points win for Manny Pacquiao to conclude our most awesome Sunday Yankee.

Good luck with all your bets.

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