26 November 2011

Saturday wagering

I've told myself not to get involved when it comes to wagering on sports and to just steal the advises of people who know better, but having mixed Irish coffee with codeine recently it seems I've had to get involved in Premier League betting and why not?

It appears, although I have very little knowledge of this, that a few days ago I placed an intriguing yankee including four selections from this weekend's fixtures and I think we better discuss them before it's too late.

According to my research which I almost certainly didn't do, QPR of Rangers will win today. Norwich for all of their plaudits from people like Phil Thompson, are actually a toothless outfit floating around like yellow butterflies. Unfortunately unlike Muhammad Ali Norwich float like butterflies and also sting like them too.

QPR of Rangers probably do OK away from home, although I have no statistics to support this, but Loftus Road is a shed so you'd think they'd be happier in anyone else's stadium. And also I hate Delia Smith.

I've also got an inkling that Manchester City will lose this weekend. I'm not convinced by them at all. The Sky Sports Soccer Saturday people make the same mistakes every year when they're sizing up potential Championship winners.

Every year, EVEEEEERY single year a team will manage to separate itself from the pack at the top of the table around this time of year and immediately the trophy is awarded to them. It's always the same; they aren't likely to drop points, their squad is too big, they can add to it in January, no one looks capable of catching them etc etc.

About a month later the nine or ten point gap is two points and the Championship is wide open again. The Sky Sports people all exclaim how they never would have thought it could happen and seem genuinely surprised such a huge points gap could disappear in only a few weeks, despite it happening every season.

Many teams collapse after a long unbeaten run. I fancy they will lose this weekend and then disappear for a month, meanwhile Arsenal will win every game and be top by Christmas. I have seen it, it is so.

My other selections involve overs (3.5) in the Manchester United - Newcastle fixture. I have no idea why I thought that might happen, unless Manchester United win 4-0 it's highly unlikely. Newcastle are so deferential in their approach to this game they may as well just award the three points to Man Utd and stay at home.

My final selection is for the evil of Sperz to beat West Brom. I have no problems at all if I don't enjoy a full return on my investment in this wager.

Good luck with all your bets.

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