4 November 2011

Friday funnies

Hoorah! It's Friday and while that means nothing to me as time is all but irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, I know for many of my loyal readers it represents sanctity from the soul destroying relentless grind of the working week.

So to kick the weekend off on a high let's enjoy a collection of the Daily Mail's heart warming images of elderly people looking worried half to death about the increasing cost of heating their homes, or being abused in various different settings including NHS hospitals, care homes and out in the street.

Here we see an old crone contemplating topping herself
so she won't be a bother to her family any more.

This sour old bag is shown here all alone in a retirement home
while her carers watch X-Factor in the staff common room.

Here a defenseless old biddy is subjected to a prolonged verbal assault by some feral youths, which also involved pointing. The photographer arrived just as it was beginning, but didn't intervene as he was unsure who started it.

This mad old coffin dodger gives herself over to the trance inducing fuzzy abandonment of Chlorpomazine.

A knackered old octogenarian turns herself onto her side as she
wonders how much longer she'll have to sit in a pile of her own faeces.

This lady is actually being spoon fed the waste from her own urine catheter! A classic
old joke all new med students are obliged to carry out when they begin their ward training.

Hilariously this senile old duffer refuses to let her own daughter into her home believing her to be a German spy as the paranoia brought on by her continued use of controversial dementia medication overwhelms her.

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