29 November 2011

Dexter season 6

Do you watch Dexter? Do you? I do. I loves it. Season 6 is getting mixed reviews but I think it's been briwyant. There's been a twist and everyone thinks it's terrible as it was predictable but I reckon they're being sold a dummy and there's a double twist.

I think it's Louis the intern who's been doing the killings and he wrote the message on Travis' wall with the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case. He's the nasty bastard in all this.

Did you want me to tell you that? Sorry if you haven't seen it yet. Tee hee.

Also, I reckon eventually we'll discover that young Deb has known all along that her brother is a serial killer. I fancy it would be very difficult as an inquisitive child to grow up in a house with a killer and not know about it. For my money she has known all along her brother likes to cut people up into little pieces and may have even become a cop to protect him.

You heard it here first. Now if you'll excuse me my crumpets are ready.

The end.

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