19 May 2012

Toot Toot

Is it me or does the "Fußball Arena München" look an awful lot like the Hindenburg airship that caught fire and disintegrated over Lakehurst, New Jersey attempting to dock after it's trip across the Atlantic 75 years ago on May 6th, 1937.  

I hope this isn't an awful omen.  I hope we're not now about to see a further Squareheaded disastrous disintegration inside a massive bubble.  As you may have gleaned, we here at the blog are invested in the Champions League final this even in favour of the Boche.

Jerry are clearly favourites, but making it to the final has taken its toll on their squad numbers. Player attrition on both sides in fact has meant the final will be played out with many of the best players watching from the stands.  

For this reason we are on Didier Drogba to score in 90mins at 12/5 as the dudes who would usually have covered him - Badstuber(?) and Alaba are suspended.

There's been talk of figuring out a way of preventing so many players from missing the final as a consequence of silly yellow cards.  My idea is for the managers to tell the players to stop getting booked needlessly.  And then, for the players to actually not get booked needlessly.  Only get booked for whacking another player so that it leaves a bruise, that's what I always say. 

We're also invested in Blackpool to win the play-off thing today in 90 minutes 3/1.  If there's a team that can come third in the league and then lose in a play-off final to a team finishing fifth and eleven points behind, it's West Ham.  Sam Allardyce deserves no better of course.

Finally, we've actually back a horse today.  I'm not keen however.  The Nile 3:20 newmarket 5/2.  If there's a bet I could have back this week, it would be this one.  But never mind.  You've got to laugh.  I'm off now for a snooze and then to prepare for winning so much money i'll be able to own Facebook in five years time when it's worth less than a book.  All abroad the good ship Hindenburg.  Toot Toot!

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