7 May 2012

Target men

When the fans demand Arsenal buy a target man to ease the pressure off Robin van Persie I'm not sure this what they're talking about.  I think putting the team out in a shirt that looks like a big target is probably going to be counter productive.

Why don\t kit designers sod off?  These things aren't fashion gah damn you.  It's tradition.  Anyone who wears a football shirt out on a Saturday night is not going to have a job and he will almost certainly live with his mother.

There's no point targeting this demographic for their disposable income is spent entirely on computrons.  Leave fashion for people who go out.  And just protect football shirt traditions.  Arsenal play in red and White with white sleeves.  No blue.  And they wear yellow shirts away.

I know there have been Greens, whites and what nots but just do what I tell you Nike.  I know you read my blog. You're making us look like Man Utd nearly.

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