5 May 2012

Big day on the fitbah

It's all very tense stuff now each time the weekend rolls arounds.  Football, or fitbah, as they call it in the northern colonies which must be a gaelic word perhaps, is an unforgiving mistress at this time of the season.

This season more than any other in recent memory has churned out some crazy results.  Hopefully Arsenal's quota has already be filled this season with loses against Blackburn, swansea and more recently QPR and Wigan.

What we need now is for Arsenal to close out the season without any dramas with nice easy wins against Norwich tomorrow and WBA away next Sunday.

However, in case the Gods are still fucking about, we'd like to see Totterington lose to the absolutely appalling Aston Villa on Sunday.  Although we're actually on Villa for relegation - some compensation if Totteringtons do win.

We'd also like to see Manchester City to beat Newcastle.  Newcastle have more than a chance of winning this game.  It's at the Johnson and Johnson Sporting Goods Arena or whatever Newcastle's home ground is called now officially.  And I think it's fair to say after 35 games they're a genuinely good side.

We all thought they would disappear and end up about 11th but credit where credit's due.  Only Sunderland this time ended up doing that from the North East this year.  As a contingency wager, we're on Citeh to win the derby game but United to win the Championship.

I'm kind of looking forward to the FA Cup final.  Not sure why.  Liverpool are the luckiest team in the wide wide world of sports when it comes to cup games. I just have a feeling in my boots though that Kenny Dalglish is finally going to find out how it feels to lose a Wembley cup final.

There's something so unpleasant about Dalglish.  More than just his over-sized incisors which we assume he needs to kill chickens in the night.  His smugness, his misery, his arrogance to think he can manage a Premier League club in the 21st century when really his time was back there was one live game a week on the Big Match and the equivalent of Soccer Saturday was the vidi-printer which began showing scores at the end of Grandstand on BBC1.

Minors strikes, the IRA, football hooliganism, these are the things I associate with Dalglish and the sooner he's replaced with someone  less crushingly depressing the better we'll all be.

I'm backing Drogba to score any time 13/8 with BoylesSport - assuming he plays.  His record playing Liverpool or playing at Wembley is 15 goals from 34, which is almost exactly 11/9.  And why not?

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