24 May 2012

The End Credits


If you’re reading this I’m afraid it’s because I have passed on, and not before time.

All of how I felt about life and death is well documented on this blog and the old one (http://voyporustedes.blogspot.com/) for all to see so I’ll spare you a lengthy grandiose philosophical goodbye speech.

You should all know for the most part I enjoyed my life, but am glad it’s over now.  In truth my life ended some months ago.  Had it continued any longer I would simply have died of boredom.

“Judge a man by the company he keeps.” Who said that?  Someone clever. Whenever I experienced any kind of crisis of conscience about the kind of person I was, I just reminded myself of the company I kept.  I always had such awesome friends…surely, they couldn’t all be wrong?

They probably won’t make a movie of my life, but I want to thank you all for the parts you played in my story.  It could so easily have been a painfully depressing straight to DVD waste of everyone’s time and money, instead you made it at least as good as anything Keanu Reeves was in and for that I thank you all from the bottom of blackened heart.

Right, I better go.

Via con dios, mis amigos, be careful out there.


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