13 May 2012

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

West Bromich, yesterday

The military cry of "Havoc" was the instruction for the soldiers in the middle ages to go mental.  To pillage and chaos.  It's football equivalent, the whistle to start the games of the last Sunday of the season, is about to be blown.

Hold on to something chaps.  Especially if you're from Manchester.  Or if you support Manchester United.  I've got something stirring in my bowels and it's not that chicken Mexican wrap I ate yesterday. 

I was instructed by a higher power to invest a few shillings at 7/1 on Manchester City to win the derby game but for Manchester United to win the league.  Seemed like a standard throw away mug punt at the time.  But I'm now not so sure.  QPR only need a point to stay up.  That's park the bus-able.

I like it now.  It feels right.  I have visions in my mind of rows of rows of City fans in sky blue shirts hands on their heads in speechless despair.  A despair that is unique to football.  

As for Arsenal's trip to West Bromich.  Win or lose I still only see despair.  Whatever happens to Arsenal, at least we don't live there.

Good luck everyone.

Edit: Oh..out standing wagers's's's...(not sure if outstanding should be one word, only the will tell):

We've got a final mug's Yankee; wins required for Norwich, Stoke, Swansea and Sunderland.

We've backed Getafe (6.0) as we just cannot find any justification for Zaragoza being favourites (despite needing the win to stay in the La Liga).

Manchester United to become champions (second half of bet at 7/1 that needed City to win the derby game a couple of weeks ago, but United to be crowned champions).

Finally, we need the squareheads to win the Champions League next weekend.


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