5 May 2012


What is going on in Snooker with the hair-dos the players are sporting?  What..what are they trying to say with these arrangements?  In some cases they must really take a lot of time.  In all cases they look fucking ridiculous.

I know it's the 21st century and I'm not suggesting everyone should sport a short back and sides, but also, not everyone is David Beckham.  There's a limit to what you can really do with your hair before you just look like a twat.

David Beckham can do anything.  He can do anything to his hair, wear what he wants, he will always look cool.  Just because you do a game as a profession, don't think you can get away with Beckham's fashion statements.

Try to bare in mind snooker players, you are snooker players.  You are some of the most unhealthy looking people on telly..probably worse than darts players.  Don't flatter yourself,..whatever you think your hair will do for  your appearance, it won't. Would you put parmesan cheese on spaghetti hoops?

Mark Allen and Judd Trump especially...I've marked your card.  I suggest you make some changes.

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