22 August 2011

Very cross actually

Every time the Co-op people offer up a sammich I really like they discontinue it way before I'm sick of it. This has also happened with their nice prawn noodles thing. The people at Ginsters have done this to me as well on four occasions, first with the Mexican wrap which they changed, then they stopped the newer version, then they stopped the Thai prawn wrap and finally the India chicken wrap.

I don't buy Ginsters sammiches no more because of this. The Co-op are now doing the same thing. It's like someone followers me around observing my sammich eating habits and reports back to head office of all sammich makers to discontinue the products that bring just a few minutes of pleasure to my life each lunch time.

The Pot Noodle people will discontinue their interpretation of Chili Con Carne next you just see if they don't. The sammich people have forsaken me. I am the forsaken.

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