23 August 2011

Champion's League wagering

I hate it when a bogey fires out of my nose so quickly that I can't see where it went. Like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where the Millennium Falcon is being chased by the big Imperial ship and they lose it when it does a fly past cause it's clinging to their hull.

I'm always paranoid it'll be stuck to my jumper or something and everyone will laugh at me when I go out because as we all know, the last thing you want when you go out in public is to have bogies all down your front. That and being set on fire by a madman.

Anyway this just happened to me, but I found the bogey in the end on the floor a long way away from me. From a distance it looked like a bran flake.

Moving on...within the context of the season Arsenal's game with Udinese tomorrow is ball janglingly important. I'm just glad I support Napoli now so I will be just as likely to watch the Sound of Music than tune in for the game.

If Arsenal qualify they can buy some players that are over 12 and have played more than 7 professional games of football for clubs in the top league of a country that has a proper power grid and functioning democracy.

If they don't qualify Arsenal are Tottenham with a bigger stadium. Only not as good as Tottenham. I really think it's that bad. If I was an Arsenal fan I'd wonder if they missed a chance in the summer to clear the house. Get a new manager, new ideas, new players, new start.

Luckily I care more about sammiches than Arsenal. And of course I will make so much monies betting on the Champions League these next two days that my bank balance will have more zeros in one line than outside an Apple shop when a new iPad is about to go on sale.

Tonight for example I shall be trying out a new technique of pulling Win/Loss/Draw results out of a hat and using these selections to put together a trixie that will finance the manufacturing of a bespoke copper ear trumpet that will make me the envy of the old peoples' day centre.

Tonight's selections are then.....

FC Zurich v Bayern Mooonchen - Draw (100/30)
Genk v Maccabi Haifa - Draw (12/5)
APOEL Nicosia v Wisla Krakow - Krakow Win (4/1)

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