28 August 2011

The satanic versus...

While I will have to wait for another day before I can bring Suki and Ling Ling over from China, I am sanguine about Arsenal losing today by eight goals for Manchester United to only two goals for Arsenal.

I am not upset, humiliated, embarrassed, or angry as a consequence of this result and the rash that covered my chest and genitals when Arsenal lost 6-1 to Manchester United in 2001 has not returned either, because I know that today was not Arsenal or Arsène Wenger's fault.

I've been warning the footballing community on the blog for years that Alex Ferguson has made a Faustian pact with the devil. There is no other explanation to account for his managerial career.

How does an incontinent alcoholic Glaswegian with little or no social skills achieve something no one in football has ever achieved? In our reality his CV is not possible. The clues are everywhere. Today for example; Manchester City win 5-1 at Totterington. Citeh the only current real threats to United's dominance. So United of course better that result by humiliating Arsenal 8-2.

And it had to be eight goals because 7-2 would not have been enough to put them top of the Premier League. Ferguson is the only man to have defeated the Beckham. Little episodes such as today's have littered his career. Any one instance in isolation can be explained away as coincidence, luck or an aberration, but all of them together is something altogether more sinister.

Ferguson the satanic has defeated the Wenger, the Mourinho, the Benitez. He has wet himself in a car and his reputation has remained in tact and my research has shown he is nearly 700 years old. I know kids, I'm scared too. I'm just glad I'm a Napoli fan.

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