26 August 2011

Champions League proper

A tricky Champions League draw for the boys, but one I think they can progress from. I can't see Manchester City making any waves taking their first dip in the grown ups pool. And of course Villareal, while being a good side with a solid pedigree, will be at the mercy of their coach driver getting them to the games on time as I am told by a reliable source he takes extensive naps.

The square heads will be favourites but I see no reason why we cannot progress with them. In other news Arsenal who I think are from London in England have what I think is a c*nt of a draw, but one they can win if they buy at least two players who have seen a grown woman naked.

Manchester United typically will play three teams who are only part-timers: Otelul Galati who no one in the world has heard of apart from the twelve members of their team and the woman who washes their tops.

Basel who have a defender that makes emmental cheese for a living. And their final opponents are a group of Norwegian Scout troop leaders with a name that is unpronounceable to normal people, who have only very recently taken up the game. "We're not very good, but we enjoy a good kickabout," said the captain of the team Ŏlvïk Hĕŋniñgġeʼnniğurgħånšøņn after the draw on Thursday.

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