15 March 2012

Day 3

Hoorah, we lost our chezzer with Bob's Worth yesterday, however we were unable to supplement our winnings with a double with Sizing Europe as the most important National Hunt festival of the year couldn't afford more than three cardboard warning boards. Which is fine as there are only millions of pounds bet on each race and I'm sure the horse's owner wasn't fussed as it's the taking part that matters most.

Today we are relying heavily on the "I reckon that'll win" strategy where by we just look at a horses name and colours and go from there. So with that in mind..

Race 1 1:30pm Solix
Race 2 2:05pm Thehillofuisneac
Race 3 2:40pm Noble Prince, Little Josh (TBP 17.0), Somersby*
Race 5 3:20pm Thousand Stars
Race 6 4:00pm Giorgio Quercus

*I'd forgotten I'd backed Somersby so I have three runners in the Ryanair. Oops.

Good luck with all my bets.

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