23 March 2012

Enough to make you weep

What is this? What is it? Is this really Great Britain's Olympic team's kit? Where the Union flag is different colours to the actual flag that ought to be flying probably everywhere for the three weeks the games are held in the summer?

This is what happens when you let a flowery sandal wearing leftie anywhere near an event of nation importance. These people have no concept of history. No understanding of the importance and relevance of the symbols that represent our heritage and the history behind our national identity.

You can't just change the colour of a flag because it looks nicer. Just ask Holland. A St George's cross that is blue is no longer a St George's Cross. Because a St George's cross is red. Similarly..you can't change the St Patrick's saltire to blue either for the same reasons.

If you can change the colours you can change the whole thing. If you're going to have the flag on the kit then have it in the correct form other wise it means nothing. Who signed off on this? Why was Stelle MacCartney allowed anywhere near this?

Is this some sort of statement of colonial guilt? It really would not surprise me. Or something to do with not wishing to appear too BNP-ish? If we can't display the Union flag on the kit of the Great British team during the Olympics that are held in London then we really have sold our identity down the river.

Fortunately for me as a Russian I don't have to worry about this sort of thing. Political correctness in Russia is as likely to overwhelm the nation as overt homosexuality in Australia.

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