9 November 2010

November rain

It's cold, it's wet, it's November so that must mean I'm due to come over all wheezy and so it has come to pass.

Unfortunately I landed myself in the big house this morning as rather poor occurrences occurred chestually. If I was a contestant on the Apprentice I'd describe my situation as a severe downturn in breathing potential dis-enabling proactive pulmonary oxygen deliverables throughout the cardio-vascular vortals.

In real terms I might piss myself if I cough too hard. This will of course require a couple of weeks of complete rest and relaxation, distinguishable from any other two weeks of my life by the fact that I will have to get up in the mornings, briefly.

I knew I was in for some choppy waters on Saturday at Dusk Till Dawn when the fella two seats to my left announced he had a shocking chest infection. Awesome I thought, 500 people in the building and I have to sit with the one most likely to stir my under-gunge into life and mess me up.

Still, you've got to laugh. The plan is to be in tip top condition just in time to claim my rightful place as European Amateur Poker champion at the end of the month. In the meantime I plan to eat a lot of casseroles.

There may not be too much going on with the blog however, as nothing blogable is likely to occur while I convalesce. I may make some stuff up though if I get bored. Well, chin chin.

Eeek..did someone say chest infection!? Me, looking concerned on Saturday

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