13 November 2010

Catch me if you can

I've had a funny old bet today I have. I can't even explain where it came from..somewhere from above is all I've got for you. I was just eating some beef enchiladas and then it suddenly became necessary for me to place a wager.

I can't of course offer any valid reason why we should enjoy any kind of return, but since when has that been necessary to place a bet, that's what I always say. So..the bet is a wee Trixie; I've backed Aston Villa, Totterington and Catch Me to win the Cheltenham thingy.

There's no reason why Villa should be able to beat Manchester United on paper let alone grass if they can only just beat a Blackpool team made up of some lads they found playing football on the beach.

And when you think of motivational speakers Gerrard Houllier doesn't immediately spring to mind having all the exuberance and zest for life of the grim reaper. I especially liked his contradictory pre-match press conference speech yesterday where he highlighted to his players the importance of not giving United too much respect and then went on to describe Ferguson as a genius.

Still, while it's true I've seen people crippled by aggressive cancers with more life in them than Houllier and village idiots making more sense, the Premier League is nothing but unpredictable and I'll never accept that a team playing at home is a 4/1 dog against any other team.

So there.

Come on lads, we can win this we're not dead yet: Houllier at half-time v Blackpool on Wednesday

This horsey bet is just such a random punt I got nothing to say about it. I just happened to be up when the Morning Line was on and so had a quick goosey at the prices for the Gold Cup and Catch Me was the name that stood out.

I'm trusting in the gambling Gods that there's a reason for this other than that they're fucking with me elsewise I've just invested a significant chunk of monies that could have been spent on woolens and other winter clothing.

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