13 November 2010

Manos de yeso

Once that nonsense in England is over between Audrey whatshername and Daniel Gray they'll be just enough time for a snooze and some rice pudding before some proper boxing commences early doors on Sunday in Dallas Teeeeexas Booooi.

Quite looking forward to this fight. I happen to think that even if Antonio Margarito wraps his hands in plaster of paris again he still won't win. I usually don't like to bet against the Mexicans, but he's a cheating pendejo and half Mercan anyway so I hope he endures a significant battering.

I'm not listening to the Gods on this one. They lied to me earlier. Bastards. I fancy what we'll see here is Margarito knocked out in rounds 9,10 or 11 (priced at 18,15 and 17). He's a big chap with a huge weight advantage so he'll try and knock the wee man out early doors, fail, tire and then collapse under the weight of Pacquiao's punches.

It's really quite simples.

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