22 December 2011


Alan Hansen, prior to racially complimenting
the coloureds yesterday...or something!?

Classic £40,000 a show Alan Hansen last night on Match of the Day condemning racism in football by using racist language, after orange tinted, fake tanned Gary Lineker asked him whether racism was rife in the modern game and red faced Lee Dixon looked on in horror.

He finished by conceding without a hint of irony that, "there's room for improvement." Not as far as ironic comedy on Match of the Day is concerned though...that was fucking genius.

"No it's not. If you played twenty-five … I think it's better, not only with the players but with the supporters. I think there's a lot of coloured players in all the teams, all the major teams, and there's a lot of coloured players that are probably the best in the Premier League and, as I say, if you look twenty-five, thirty years ago, it was probably in a bad way, not as bad as some of the nations in the Continent, but certainly there's always, always room for improvement." -- Alan Hansen

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