22 December 2011


Lesbians are brilliant aren't they when they're nice looking like these two. I'd say nice looking lesbians shagging are in my top five aesthetically pleasing things along with an open fire, a clear starry night, a rough sea and a bombed out French city.

I still don't really 100% accept that lesbianists are for real. I think it's choice rather than biology. Essentially it's like being a vegetarian, you know like a phase, eventually all of them need some meat.

The only female friend I ever had who went through one of these phases managed about six months before she had to confess she missed cock. Those were her exact words..."I just...I missed cock too much."

She was gasping by the time she finally admitted it to herself and she was quite a big girl too..whoever it was who helped her relieve her frustrations her first time back must have had lungs like a racehorse.

I shouldn't think a natural genetic lesbian would join the Navy. A profession requiring her to spend months on end on a ship with about 300 needy cocks. She might insist she's just trying to make it in a mans world or striking a blow for lesbian sisterhood, but I should think it's more likely she just wants to be drenched in buckets of jizz.

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